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CACS, Here I Come!

I’m prepping my Power Point and all my embarrassing stories now, because I’m heading out to Ontario (the California Ontario, not the Canada Ontario) to have lunch-and-chat with the California Association of College Stores. I’m especially excited because I’ll be appearing with Rick Lenz, who will be sharing stories from his Hollywood days, which I will totally eat up.

If you happen to be going to the CACS lunch, let me know — I’d love to meet you there!

11:00AM to

Lissa Price Elise Allen

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School with Lissa Price

What an amazing visit this was!  Librarian extraordinaire Tamara Celi hosted Lissa and I (all arranged by the tireless Carol Tanzman) as we spoke to two packed auditoriums full of students.  (Okay, one auditorium, packed two times.  That’s still two packed auditoriums, right?)  The kids had such incisive questions, Lissa was a joy to hang with, and Tammie… let’s just say that Tammie’s library is PACKED with Muppet stuff, so you know I loved her immediately.  Thanks to everyone involved for a wonderful event!

Elise Allen Justin Bieber

Teen Read Week

Hey, everyone!  This one isn’t a public appearance, but I still think it’s very cool and I’m excited.  On December 5, I’ll be appearing with Lissa Price at a high school here in L.A.  The appearance is in honor of Teen Read Week, and Lissa and I will both be chatting about writing, our books, and whatever else the students want to talk about.

I’ll definitely keep you posted afterwards and let you know how it went!  In the meantime, if you have any thoughts about what I should cover in my chat, I’d love to hear your advice — thanks in advance!

Oh — the cardboard cutout of the Biebs won’t be present for the chat, but he amused me enough that he needed to be on the website.