Awesome Mail Day!!!!

I just got back from a trip to New York and Philly (where much awesomeness occurred, including seeing the amazing Jefferson Mays in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder — an insanely great show that you’ve got to see if you can), and look what I found waiting for me — two new books I wrote!!!!!

Pixar Inside Out Books

These little pieces of fabulousness are adaptations of the upcoming Pixar movie, Inside Out. Don’t get me started on how great this movie is, or how much of a privilege it was to write this picture book and middle grades novel based on it.

Since it might be tough to tell from my early morning photo, the middle grades novel is called Driven by Emotions, and tells the movie’s story from five different points of view — one for each emotion (the movie, by the way, explains what really goes on inside someone’s head — the emotions who run all the operations there). The picture book is called Sadly Ever After, and shows how the very different emotions think about a single experience in wildly different ways.

I had such an amazing time writing these books, and I’m so excited to see them out in the world!

Tell me — have you seen the previews for Inside Out? Are you excited about the movie? And what’s your favorite Pixar movie of all?

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