Jim Henson’s Enchanted Sisters

Jim Henson's Enchanted Sisters: Autumn's Secret Gift
Publication Date
August 5, 2014

Let’s begin with the obvious: the title of the book series starts with the name Jim Henson.  I’ve been lucky enough to work with The Jim Henson Company on just under a bazillion projects over the last gajillion years (time and project number approximations might be slight exaggerations), but I have yet to get over the sheer awesomeness of being connected to anything with his name on it.  The man is one of my idols, and even though he’s tragically no longer with us, his company is all about keeping his spirit alive.

Autumn’s Secret Gift is the first book in a {hopefully long-running} series about the Sparkles, four magical girls who live in a world a side-step from our own, and have the responsibility of changing our seasons.  The four Sparkles have seriously strong personalities, are very different from one another, but love each other like crazy and always find a way to come together no matter how much they may disagree.  Every girl will see themselves in one of the Sparkles, and will eagerly join them on their wild (and awfully funny) adventures.  As for the boys, we’re not leaving them out.  The Sparkles nemeses are the Weeds’, chaos-loving trouble-makers who are crazy-fun to write.

I had the pleasure of writing the Enchanted Sisters book with my fabulous friend Halle Stanford, who I’ve known for so long it hurts.  So fun working with her on these!

Oh, and wait until you see the art.  It’s by Paige Pooler, who blows me away constantly.  Seriously — it’s almost disturbing how talented she is.

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