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Gabby Duran and the Unsittables

It is my EXTREME pleasure to reveal the cover for the first book in my (and the fabulous Daryle Conners’) upcoming Middle Grades series… GABBY DURAN AND THE UNSITTABLES!!!!!

(It’s a “soft” cover reveal because the official reveal is days away… but YOU get to see it first!)

LOTS to tell about (and kvell about) with this one, but today’s post is just a teaser, so check it out and let me know what you think!

The book is published by Disney Hyperion (and you all know how I love the Mouse), and we had the privilege of working with editor extraordinaire Emily Meehan (and the awesome Jessica Harriton), which means the book was a blast to write.  Daryle and I can’t wait to share it with everyone when it comes out in May!!!

Gabby Duran and the Unsittables
Jim Henson's Enchanted Sisters

“Jim Henson’s Enchanted Sisters” Written Up in Kidscreen Magazine!

So excited for the fabulous write-up Enchanted Sisters received in Kidscreen Magazine.  Click the “More” button, then check it out!

Elise Allen Philadelphia Eagles

Okay, So We’re Not In The Super Bowl…

…but I did get to see the Eagles play the Saints in their playoff game a couple weeks ago.  Yes, we lost, but it came down to the final seconds, and there’s nothing more exiting than being there at the Linc, cheering the Birds in person.  And you know what happens every time they score… Read more »

Elise Allen Philadelphia Eagles


Yes, yes, I know I don’t actually play for the Philadelphia Eagles, and I know their success or failure doesn’t technically impact my life in any way… but I’m a HUGE fan and it’s awesome!!!! I had the pleasure of being at the game where they destroyed the Chicago Bears, and I’ll be at there… Read more »

Bella Thorne, Autumn Falls

I Get To Work With The Amazing Bella Thorne!

I’m beyond thrilled to report that I’ll be helping the wonderful and talented Bella Thorne with her new YA book series, AUTUMN FALLS!  Click here for the official press release!