I Am Legacy!

This weekend I ran THREE, count ’em, THREE races at Disneyland:

The Stitch Family 5K, which I ran with my husband and daughter on Friday,

The also-Stitch-themed 10K, which I ran solo on Saturday,

And the Disneyland Half Marathon, which I ran on Sunday, again solo… meaning with THOUSANDS of other participants, including Sean Astin.  I don’t know the man personally, but I do know he kicked my butt by three minutes in the 10K, and by 17 minutes in the half marathon.

The combo of 10K and half-marathon?  That’s the Dumbo Double Dare, so I got an extra medal for it, which made everything worthwhile.

If you’ve never done a RunDisney race, I HIGHLY recommend them.  Their medals are unsurpassed — huge and shiny — and they have tons of along-the-route entertainment and photo ops (that’s why Samwise Gamgee beat me — I stopped for pictures!).

For the 5K, I did my best to advertise the new show I’m writing for, The Lion Guard:

Kion Pumbaa Elise RunDisney

Pumbaa and I getting ready to race, with Kion on my head.

Lion Guard Elise RunDisney Pumbaa

Spelling it out on my shirt.










Then for the 10K I didn’t dress up, but I did get this super-cool medal:

Stitch RunDisney

It looks like a cockroach, but it’s really Stitch.







Next up?  Half-marathon.  Even the Disney horses and donkeys came out to cheer!

Horses Elise RunDisney

You NEVER get to pet the horses. Loved it!

Pocahontas RunDisney Elise

This one’s named Pocahontas.







Coolest thing in the half-marathon?  You round the bases in Angels Stadium while the crowd goes wild!

Angels Stadium Run Disney

They put you on the Fan-O-Vision too!










And finally… the bling — my final two medals of the weekend (got one for the 5K too, but didn’t get a pic), for finishing the half-marathon and the Dumbo Double Dare!

Dumbo DOuble Dare RunDisney

Do I look exhausted? Cause I’m totally exhausted.

So that was my Labor Day Weekend.  How was yours?  And just as importantly, who wants to join me for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend in 2015?

Oh — just realized I never explained my title for this post.  I Am Legacy because I’ve run this race every year since it began.  That means I know it well, and you can trust me when I recommend it to you!

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