The Lion Guard

Have we discussed my Disney obsession on this site?  I’m sure we have — I’m sure I’ve talked about the Disneyland Annual Pass I’ve had since loooong before my daughter was born, all the runDisney races I can’t help but do over and over again, and the fact that I have no shame and call in favors as often as possible to get into Club 33.

So given all that, you have to know that I’m dancing in giddy circles because I’m one of the writers on the new Disney Junior show, The Lion Guard.  The show won’t start airing for awhile yet, and I can’t give anything away (because that would upset the Mouse… and you don’t want to upset the Mouse), but I can link to the article Entertainment Weekly wrote about it.

(I’m also using the picture from that article, because I don’t know what artwork is kosher for general release.)

I’ll keep you posted on the show as more becomes public about it, but in the meantime I’m totally channeling my spirit of Hakuna Matata.



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